Arty quotes

Clutching at straws.

My tenuous relationship to William Blake and Gabriel Dante Rossetti, two great artists and poets.
I've researched my family's history and could find no connection to the art world other than a number of Colour Block Printers employed in the Lancashire cotton manufacture, and the following, which of course doesn't really count at all, but nonetheless pleased me.

My 6th Great Grandmother, Grace Armitage, was born in Cudworth, Yorkshire in 1719, and she had a brother, Thomas Armitage (born 1722), who married Catherine Wright in London in 1746.

Thomas was a Haberdasher and Hosier, and the couple lived in 28 Broad Street, St James.

Thomas unfortunately died in 1751, and his widow, Catherine Armitage married James Blake in 1752. The couple continued to live at 28 Broad Street and they had a number of children including their son, William Blake, born on the 28 Nov 1757 and christened on the 11 December 1757, who became a famous poet and artist.

Frances Mary Lavinia Polidori, the mother of Dante Gabriel Rossetti – another famous poet and artist - was born in 42 Broad Street on the 27 April 1800.