Jersey Art Exhibitions.

I did go along and have a look at almost all of these exhibitions, so it's sort of a personal diary.

Jersey Pearl - St Ouen.

Jersey Society of Artists Spring Exhibition
between 10am - 4pm from Saturday 5th June to Sunday 13th June 2021.
"Open to the public and all are welcome. Please feel free to pop along to support this longstanding Society and meet some of the members stewarding."

Jersey Museum Link Gallery

The Roger and Margaret Long Collection
5 - 27 June 2021
"Roger and Margaret have been instrumental in the development of natural history as an area study at the Société Jersiaise for over half a century. The collection totals 28,000 colour transparencies, produced between the late 1960s and early 2000s. The subjects cover entomology, ornithology and botany, though items of social history interest appear between species, giving a personal touch to a scientific collection.

The slides are hand numbered with hand written indexes, identifying specimens, subjects and dates. The SJPA has digitised 3,000 images so far and is looking for interested members of the public to help us with the transcribing and cataloguing of the handwritten indexes from home."


2020 Jersey Summer Exhibition
19 June - 29 July 2020 11:00 - 18:30
An excellent and varied exhibition of local artwork.

Jersey Arts Centre, Berni Gallery

"From across the island"
Monday 13 January to Saturday 15 February 2020

Drawing from the private collections of members of the Jersey Arts Centre’s Exhibitions sub-committee, both past and present, a diverse and eclectic array of work from across the Island will adorn the walls of the Berni Gallery.

22 drawings and paintings in different media by a dozen artists including - my favourites - Maxwell Doig and Anna le Moine. There's also a marvellous "Figure Study 1953" by Jonathan Van Doorne (mistakenly Van Dorn on the list of works).

Harbour Gallery, St Aubin

19th SEP-13th OCT 2019
A photographic exhibition by Vince Thorne.

Harbour Gallery, St Aubin

The ‘All Washed Up 2’ exhibition continues until
Sunday 15th September, 7 days a week, 10am – 5.30pm
"All Washed Up 2’ is a mixed media exhibition featuring the work of 45 local artists and craftworkers working in many different mediums to include painting, prints, ceramics, 3D, jewellery, textiles and much more. There is a focus on the seas, sands, cliffs, sea life and what might be washed up onto the local beaches and often what can be made from it. Invited UK artist Lynn Muir will also be exhibiting."

Jersey Arts Centre, Berni Gallery

Fox Open Art Exhibition 2019
14 October - 9 November 2019
An exhibition of this year’s competition entries as judged and selected by Flora McLachlan.

Jersey Arts Centre, Berni Gallery

The Original Student Art Exhibition
1 - 14 September 2019
The exhibition - first shown in July I think - returns to the Berni Gallery.

Six students artists: Cara Smith, Phoebe Orr, Joshua Twohig Jones, Matthew Bennetts, Olivia Kellett, and Monica Carvalho. Joshua gets my vote.

Jersey Museum Link Gallery

Theresa Thomas
2 August - 1 September 2019
A series of colourful acrylic abstract swirls - similar to the effect of oil on water. Quite large canvases, technical skill required to produce them, artistry is in the choice of colour and composition. I had a close look and seemed to see that many swirls and lines had been enhanced with a brush and paint. I enjoyed the exhibition, but I can't see any depth in any of the abstracts I've ever seen - although I do have a book of small abstracts in which each image quickly resolves into an optical illusion of three dimensions, so I know it can be done.

I noticed at the harbour gallery exhibition that another artist - who is a master with pastels - is now doing something similar, but on a smaller scale.


Jersey Summer Exhibition 2019
21 June - 26 July 2019 10:00 - 17:30

Jersey Museum Link Gallery

Rian Hotton
2 - 30 Jun 2019
Past and Present – Rian Hotton in the Link Gallery

"This exhibition focuses on memories of growing up in Jersey - a visual diary containing nostalgia, transformation and perception."

Harbour Gallery, St Aubin

Jersey Society of Artists Exhibition
Friday 19 October to Sunday October 28

10 am to 4 pm daily
"All new and original work - styles ranging from traditional to way-out wacky - so something for everyone."

Jersey Arts Centre, Berni Gallery

Jake Attree Exhibition - Fox Open Art Competition Judge
2018 Monday 17 September to Saturday 13 October 2018
I have seen a couple of other exhibitions this summer - Louise Ramsay at the Link Gallery, which was good, and also Alastair Best at Jersey library - but didn't update my website with the details and I'm sure many people will be disappointed by that. Sorry!

I did go along to see this exhibition and was impressed by a number of landscapes executed with oil pastel, but less so by a larger number of landscapes in oil, thickly applied.

Jersey Arts Centre, Berni Gallery

Fox Open Art Exhibition 2018
Wednesday 17 October to Sunday 10 November
An exhibition of this year's competition winners, as judged by Jake Attree.


Jersey Summer Exhibition 2018
21 June - 27 July 2018
There were a few manipulated photos, which I thought were more interesting and original that the traditional art work on show.

Various venues around the island.

Skipton Open Studios 2018
Over two weekends: 23 - 24 June and 30 June - 1 July 2018
On Saturday the 23 June we explored the Art Rooms in Payne Street, studio home to Helena Mundy, Janet Meise, Paula Kerry, Pauline Taylor and Wayne Audrain.

Pauline paints large and colourful canvases of the sea and the sky and the shore with imagination and great depth of texture and also produces pictures from coloured glass collected from the beaches around the island.

Janet has produced a series of canvases based photos of the old and derelict buildings in Pitt Street before their renovation. The canvases are pictures for painters in that I don't think they would appeal to the general public but other artists will see a lot to admire.

Helena has been very busy extracting images from leaves onto silk, and after much trial and error has produced some marvellous prints for scarves and pictures. The colours are subdued but the impressions left by the leaves are sharp and complex.

Paula works with a variety of sheep's wool to make felts which she moulds and shapes and cuts into very original and tactile works of art which transcend her craft.

Wayne sits serenely at his easel looking out over the rooftops of St Helier in his bright and cosy studio. His works are precise and considered with balanced colour and shape, based on abstracts of everyday objects such as his bright red teapot complemented by a tidy display of yellow flowers carefully placed on the shelf above.

All the artists are enthusiastic and dedicated to their art and it was a real pleasure to meet them and I have to thank them for letting us in to have a peek of their artistic world.

Old Magistrates Court in Seale Street

Jersey Society of Artists Exhibition Summer Exhibition
from Saturday 23 June to 1 July 2018
Bright mix of works in a variety of mediums and at reasonable prices.

I'm exhibiting two pictures: "Greve de Lecq" and "Greve de Lecq Barracks" which I painted a couple of years ago, when the summer exhibition was held at Greve de Lecq barracks, but I didn't show them.

I've put a high price of £375 on each, which reflects the hours that I spent fiddling about with them. I'm going to paint some seagulls onto the barracks picture when I get it back, to give it a bit of life.

Maison de la Normandie et de la Manche (Halkett Place, on the corner by the crossing over to "Bean around the World" and the library)

“Granville: Portrait Gallery of Artists”
17 April to 17 May 2018 (Monday to Friday 09:30 to 17:00)
"ean-Yves Desfoux photographed a number of Granville artists and their studios and, following the success of the resulting exhibition, decided to expand the idea by showing the photographs complemented by examples of the artists’ work. This exhibition comprises 62 works: 25 photographs, 25 paintings and 12 sculptures. The participating artists from Granville are : Véronique Attia, Philippe Beillet le Béhérec, Chabert 4, Maurice Chataigner, Irène Hafliger, Xavier Hortala, Fabien Lefèbvre, Blaise Lacolley, Jaques Lacolley, Véronique Texier and Bernard Vernochet."

Jersey Arts Centre, Berni Gallery

"RESCAPÉS – The Survivors"
Rene Alemawo
9 April to 5 May 2018
"In his daily work in Senegal, René searches his surroundings for discarded pieces of wood and patiently brings them back to life, revealing the hidden beauty and value that he intuitively perceives in the wood – using only traditional tools."

20 abstract sculptures fashioned from pieces of African Blackwood, Teak and Acacia. There is also a poster which features a photo of one of the sculptures lit by a single strong spot light which throws a shadow onto the wall behind, complementing the piece. However, in the gallery, all the sculptures are lit by multiple spotlights which diffuse the shadows. The sculptures are set on plinths at irregular heights, mostly below eye level, and even with one or two under tables tops.

Jersey Museum Link Gallery

5 - 28 April 2018
"I have been painting and sketching since my early days at school, where I was encouraged by my art master to pursue a related career. I went on to work in a local studio for several years, where I learned about typography and the printing process. Sketching has been so much part of my life and I’ll always be grateful that I was able to use both pen and paint brush and get so much pleasure from it. I would like to think that my sketches reflect my love of my native Island. I have enjoyed producing them and I hope that others enjoy looking at them too.’ John Syvret"

I enjoyed this exhibition and was impressed by the skill and imagination of the drawings on display. I've been twice to see it already and will probably go again before it's taken down.

Jersey Arts Centre, Berni Gallery

"Remembered" Michael Armstrong
12 March to 7 April 2018
"Michael, who died in 2000, was poet and artist by inclination though he worked variously as a librarian, hotelier, restaurateur and - perhaps most surprisingly - a member of the mammals staff at Jersey Zoo. He is best known artistically as a poet whose work was set to music by the composer William Alwyn, but the exhibition of watercolours, gouaches, oils and mixed media work spoke of a man always looking to experiment and find new ways of self-expression on paper and canvas."

Liberty Wharf

Pop up exhibition "Jersey Folk" by Edward Farley
October 2017
An exhibition of 24 very striking monochrome wood and lino cuts illustrating Jersey folklore such as "The Black Dog of Bouley Bay" and I loved them all.

Jersey Museum Link Gallery

"Into the Trees" - an exhibition of new paintings by Nicola Lucas
2 - 29 October 2017
"Nicola Lucas is a Birmingham born artist who has been living in Jersey since 1992, originally specialising in textile design for print and fashion. Nicola has exhibited at Jersey Museum, The CCA Gallery, Smiths Gallery - Covent Garden, international textile design fairs in both London and Germany and as part of Branchage and the Jersey Arts Trust Open Studios. She is known mainly for her powerful images of winter trees.
As a textile designer I am primarily interested in shape, pattern and texture. My current watercolour work is a reflection of these influences, and a continuation from the monochrome tree theme from my last exhibition in 2013 ‘Silhouette - Wood for the Trees’ - using pen, ink and wash on textured paper. I am inspired by patterns in nature, particularly the dramatic, windswept treescapes of Jersey in the winter light."

Jersey Arts Centre, Berni Gallery

Fox Annual Art Competition
17 October to 11 November 2017
The competition is open to all artists living in the Channel Islands and there were works from Jersey, Guernsey and Alderney (none from Sark.) I usually leave this exhibition with a deeply furrowed brow as I don't agree with the judge's commendations or choices for the winners.

This year was no different in that respect, although I did like her painting, and was very pleased for Patricia Knee who won the Shareholders Prize for "St Ouen's Sunset", which shows the silhouette of the Rocco Tower beneath a deep and sombre moving sky and sitting atop a striated sea.

A few of the works had red dots by them, and again I was puzzled that those particular works had opened wallets or purses. My favourite of all was "Still Life in Blue" by Francis Harris, Oil Pastel on Canvas, which I thought was well drawn, ably composed, and serene: the artist has observed, made the picture and stepped aside for me to have a look and lose myself for a moment in simple contemplation.

Harbour Gallery, St Aubin

Jersey Society of Artists Autumn Exhibition
from 31 October to 12 November 2017
Unfortunately, due to work pressure, I couldn't take part in this exhibition.

Harbour Gallery, St Aubin

Trio Exhibition
5 – 29 October 2017
"The charity exhibition Trio ran 7 days a week 10.00am - 5.30pm until 29th October. The artists donated the work or were sold on a 50/50 basis, with no commission taken by the gallery. The 3 local charities supported are Jersey Arts in Healthcare Trust, The Company of Dogs and Love Thy Neighbour."


Louise Cattrell
6 – 26 October 2017
Born in Glasgow in 1957, Louise Cattrell studied at Duncan of Jordanstone, Dundee and the Royal College of Art. She has exhibited widely including the Whitechapel, Fruitmarket Gallery, Mappin Gallery, the Towner Gallery and Beaux Arts.
She has held the Berwick Gymnasium Fellowship and has undertaken residencies across the world including Sri Lanka, Bulgaria, Ireland, USA, Switzerland and the Australian Outback. Held in public and private collections globally, her work is also owned by the Scottish Arts Council, MOD Whitehall and the Leukaemia Unit QE2 Birmingham, UK.
"The opportunity to make a large-scale screen print made me evaluate many of the ways in which print evolves from the process and how that responds to the way I make paintings. Printmaking has always been a part of how I develop work fusing drawing, tone and colour.
My work is inspired by the natural landscape, in particular where the boundaries of sea, sky and land come together and depart. I make the paintings using thin layers of paint akin to watercolour in substance; using the transparencies of the screen printing film was a new way of building an image. Using early examples as a base, the context was developed through the application of watercolour as the ability of the movement in the paint responded to the ideas behind Coast Rock - where a rock within sight of the shore becomes a landmark and guide for those on both land and sea. Encompassed by all that the change of light and weather does to transform the known into the mysterious."

Jersey Museum Link Gallery

Susan McGarry
2 – 25 November 2017
Susan’s work uses shape, colour, line and tone to create visual clues from which the viewer can build an understanding of her paintings. A spontaneous approach allows her to develop ideas around the work, rather than the work itself becoming specific. This attitude and the skills and techniques it employs, nourishes her feelings towards painters past and present.

There is a story of the early 20th century Russian abstract painter Wassily Kandinsky. Seeing one of his pictures upside down confirmed his belief that subject matter was unimportant.


Jersey Summer Exhibition 2017
Friday 30th June to Friday 28th July.
I popped in to have a look at this last week (I only have 45 minutes for lunch) but need to go back to have another look. Lots of good pictures to see, and I especially liked Helen Barnes' large print, and Marc Medland has put together two very intricate works which should be examined closely. Up the stairs, there's also an exhibition of student work which is all very unusual. All works are for sale.

Jersey Museum Link Gallery

Summer Takeover
The Link Gallery has been taken over by the team behind the Skipton Arts Series for May, June and July and 5 artist will appear. I've seen the first two and have been a bit disappointed, The one just ended, the "FENBY SNAPSHOT IN TIME EXHIBITION" was transposed from the Fort Regent gallery and consists of about half a dozen sheets of A2 card onto each of which have been stuck sets of 12 postcard sized colour photo portraits of visitors to the Fort.

Jersey Museum Link Gallery

Rob Allen
4th to 25th February 2017
A number of large and colourful canvases. I liked those canvases best which also included line, shape, and form.

"His work leaves the viewer with as many questions as answers."

Jersey Arts Centre - Berni Gallery.

'The Winter Garden' exhibition of cyanotype prints by Gabrielle Radiguet
to 23rd December 2016.
This was a photographic exhibition like none I've seen before.

"The cyanotype process was developed in the 1840's by John Herschel. When mixed with water and combined these two chemicals* produce a light sensitive emulsion which, when exposed to sunlight, produces a vivid cyan blue photographic image."

The Winter Garden is a collection of flowers, feathers and grasses which have been exposed to the sunlight to produce the delicate and evocative images in the collection.

* Potassium Ferricyanide and Ferric Ammonium Citrate.

Jersey Museum Link Gallery

Abstract paintings exhibition by Celina Borfiga
to 3rd January 2016
An exhibition of a selection of large canvases which I think need to be viewed from the middle distance to be fully appreciated. A friend was having a look at them at the same time and she was bright eyed and very enthusiastic. They are abstracts with bold, deep colours, and depth, but there is a hint of Jersey in each one. Celina had written something in the comments book with the sentiment of 'if you think Modern Art is something that anyone can do - then do it' which hints that she's been hurt by criticism of her work, but I think it's strong and stands bold and proud.

Opera House Café bar.

"Vistas" solo painting exhibition by Shaun du Val
to 11th January 2017.
This is a lovely exhibition of new paintings, all tranquil, clean and fresh. The subjects are mainly coastal horizons and evocative skies, and all beautifully executed.

Jersey Museum Link Gallery

My first solo exhibition : )
My first solo exhibition has been penciled in for the third and fourth week of September 2017 at the Link Gallery. I was asked to consider a theme for it, and think "Places and People" would be appropriate for a selection of pictures. I have a good foundation already and there's quite a lot of time between now and then to build on it.

Jersey Arts Centre

Annual JJ Fox competition
from 18th October to 12th November 2016
I missed the submission for this, again. This year's judge was Luke Frost, a painter of rectangles, and rectangles within rectangles. I was told that a number of ladies turned up to submit paintings of rectangles, but none featured in the exhibition (there was also a strong complaint in the comments book about the choice of judge).The winning painting, which amused the judge, is not the one which I would have chosen, and neither would I have commended any of those actually commended, but I could say that about every year that I've had a look at the exhibition. Nevertheless, JJ Fox continue to run it and there are many fine paintings exhibited, well thought through, well executed and many unusual subjects. On the whole, it's a really good exhibition.

Jersey Museum Link Gallery

Exhibition of Graham Tovey's paintings
from the 4th November to 28th November 2016
Many small paintings in oils, the paint applied with a palette knife, of "remembered landscapes".

Harbour Gallery St Aubin.

Jersey Society of Artists Autumn Exhibition
from 8th November to 20th November, 10am to 4pm 2016
I'm taking part in this one. I've submitted two cheerful and colourful paintings, "Rozel" and "La Rocque" which will help with my arty expenses when they're sold. . They both feature in tonight's JEP which contains a full page report of the exhibition. One is to the left of "Mark" Ruellen, and the other is behind Phil Bradshaw, like poor extras in "Extras".

Jersey Arts Centre - Berni Gallery

A retrospective exhibition of the works of the late Maurice Boots
to the 17th September, 2016.
The exhibition has been curated by Maurice Boots' daughter, Maddy. It's a wonderful exhibition, lots to see and full of variety. It's a comprehensive story of an artistic journey undertaken by an excellent artist and - by all accounts - a most worthy man.

Jersey Museum Link Gallery

An exhibition of paintings by Patrick Malacarnet
to 28th September 2016
Up close, a myriad of brushstrokes. Step back and the paintings exude the peace and serenity of Jersey's shores and country lanes.

Jersey Museum Link Gallery

Abstract paintings by Julia Coutanche
I heard the artist say to someone that the she knows the paintings aren't to everyone's taste, but she enjoyed doing them. I liked "Dunes 9", which, if you associate a musical instrument to the image, then a tinkling piano. The paintings are colourful and energetic, mostly formless, though the titles do evoke landscapes.


Gallery Student Awards Exhibition
15th to the 29th July 2016

Jersey Museum

Edmund Blampied
to 31st December 2016
"Edmund Blampied (1886-1966) captured the spirit of the Jersey way of life and people, particularly in his rural scenes. He is probably the artist whose work has most influenced the idea of what Jersey is about. He produced many images of people at work - collecting vraic (seaweed) from the seashore or driving cows home in the rain. He depicted scenes of Island life as many would like to remember it, often concentrating on images of country people at work.

In 2014 Jersey Heritage bought eight sketchbooks by Edmund Blampied. These sketchbooks have revealed some of Blampied’s working methods and favourite subjects. In this exhibition we display these sketches alongside finished paintings and prints, showing Blampied’s process from start to finish.

Sponsored by Credit Suisse

With thanks to the Jersey Heritage Patrons and the Association of Jersey Charities who made the purchase of the Bampied Sketchbooks possible.

NB the exhibition is free on the ground floor, no need to pay to get into the museum."

Fort Regent Art Gallery

"Now showing. A collection of seascapes and landscapes of favourite corners around the island - and places away - with a commemoration..."

Greve de Lecq Barracks

Jersey Society of Artists Summer Exhibition
Sunday July 10th to Sunday 17th July 10am to 4pm daily

Fort Regent Art Gallery

Art Exhibitors Guild Summer Exhibition
Monday 1st August to Saturday 27th August 10am to 4pm daily.

Royal Square, St Helier

Art Exhibitors Guild Exhibition
Wednesday 13th July to Friday 15th July 2016 from 10 am to 4 30 pm