Jersey Museum

Edmund Blampied to 31st December 2016
Edmund Blampied (1886-1966) captured the spirit of the Jersey way of life and people, particularly in his rural scenes. He is probably the artist whose work has most influenced the idea of what Jersey is about. He produced many images of people at work - collecting vraic (seaweed) from the seashore or driving cows home in the rain. He depicted scenes of Island life as many would like to remember it, often concentrating on images of country people at work.

In 2014 Jersey Heritage bought eight sketchbooks by Edmund Blampied. These sketchbooks have revealed some of Blampied’s working methods and favourite subjects. In this exhibition we display these sketches alongside finished paintings and prints, showing Blampied’s process from start to finish.

Sponsored by Credit Suisse

With thanks to the Jersey Heritage Patrons and the Association of Jersey Charities who made the purchase of the Bampied Sketchbooks possible.

NB the exhibition is free on the ground floor, no need to pay to get into the museum.