Jersey Arts Centre, Berni Gallery

Fox Annual Art Competition 17 October to 11 November 2017
The competition is open to all artists living in the Channel Islands and there were works from Jersey, Guernsey and Alderney (none from Sark.) I usually leave this exhibition with a deeply furrowed brow as I don't agree with the judge's commendations or choices for the winners.

This year was no different in that respect, although I did like and was very pleased for Patricia Knee, who won the Shareholders Prize for "St Ouen's Sunset", showing the silhouette of the Rocco Tower beneath a deep and sombre moving sky and sitting atop a striated sea.

A few of the works had red dots by them, and again I was puzzled that those particular works had opened wallets or purses. My favourite of all was "Still Life in Blue" by Francis Harris, Oil Pastel on Canvas, which I thought was well drawn, ably composed, and serene: the artist has observed, made the picture and stepped aside for me to have a look and lose myself for a moment in simple contemplation.