Jersey Arts Centre, Berni Gallery

"RESCAPÉS – The Survivors" Rene Alemawo 9 April to 5 May 2018

In his daily work in Senegal, René searches his surroundings for discarded pieces of wood and patiently brings them back to life, revealing the hidden beauty and value that he intuitively perceives in the wood – using only traditional tools.

20 abstract scultures fashioned from pieces of African blackwood, Teak and Acacia. There is also a poster which features a photo of one of the sculptures lit by a single strong spot light which throws a shadow onto the wall behind, which complements the piece. However, in the gallery, all the sculptures are lit by multiple spot lights which sadly diffuses the shadows. The sculptures are set on plinths which stand to irregular heights, most below eye level, and with one or two even under tables tops.