Maison de la Normandie et de la Manche (Halkett Place, on the corner by the crossing over to "Bean around the World" and the library)

“Granville: Portrait Gallery of Artists” 17 April to 17 May 2018 (Monday to Friday 09:30 to 17:00)
Jean-Yves Desfoux photographed a number of Granville artists and their studios and, following the success of the resulting exhibition, decided to expand the idea by showing the photographs complemented by examples of the artists’ work. This exhibition comprises 62 works: 25 photographs, 25 paintings and 12 sculptures. The participating artists from Granville are : Véronique Attia, Philippe Beillet le Béhérec, Chabert 4, Maurice Chataigner, Irène Hafliger, Xavier Hortala, Fabien Lefèbvre, Blaise Lacolley, Jaques Lacolley, Véronique Texier and Bernard Vernochet.

Some had left cards on the table so I’ve added a few links to websites.